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Acne Injections


Acne can cause intense red flare ups that go deep into the tissue. With Kenalog, we can instantly treat the area with a simple injection into the site and see results within an hour. Please call the clinic to set up a consultation with our nurse. 

What are acne injections?

Acne injections are also known as Kenalog injections, a corticosteriod used to reduce the inflammation.

The active ingredient in Kenalog, Triamcinolone, is a medication with strong anti-inflammatory properties. This medication is injected into the acne pimple to help reduce the redness and inflammation almost immediately. You will see healing begin as the nodules or papules flatten out. 


What causes acne?

Acne happens when dead skin cells and sebum collect into the pore and clog it. The skin becomes congested, giving you a bumpy texture riddled with whiteheads and blackheads. 

When the pores can't clear out, the mixture of dead skin and sebum becomes food for the bacteria that causes acne, p. acnes. Sebum filled pores are the ideal low-oxygen environment for bacteria to grow and cause inflammation. 

What causes acne to get really bad?

Inflammatory acne causes papules to form. The affected area becomes red, swollen and painful to touch. In response, the immune system sends white blood cells to fight the infection and pus may from, leading to a pustule. If you pop a pustule, a scar may form. Severe forms of acne include nodular and cystic. You should visit a dermatologist for these cases.

Hormones called androgens cause an increase in sebum production. P.acnes bacteria love to feed off sebum and multiply in low-oxygen environments. This leads to an inflammatory response leading to red, painful breakouts. We all have P.acnes bacteria. If you produce more or your sebum is thicker or stickier, it can affect the severity of your acne.

Other factors include: genetics, diet and lifestyle.  

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