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Venus Bliss

Laser Lipo Fat Dissolving Treatments

Fat Reduction with Venus Bliss™

Venus Bliss™ Benefits

  • CLINICALLY PROVEN GUARANTEED RESULTS: One study showed that 85% of the patients were satisfied with the results of their Venus Bliss™ treatments and would recommend it to a friend.-

  • COMFORTABLE TREATMENT EXPERIENCE: As many as 90% of patients in the study reported that they found the treatment and the Venus Bliss™ machine to be comfortable.

  • SAFE FOR ALL SKIN TONES: Technologies used in Venus Bliss™ are all proven to be safe and effective for all skin tones, including even darker complexions.

  • NO DOWNTIME: Return to your daily routine immediately after completing your treatment session.


The Venus Bliss™ is a technologically advanced non-invasive fat reduction and removal system that can help dissolve fat around the abdomen, flanks, and thighs. If you’re tired of dieting and working out without seeing tangible results, a Venus Bliss™ fat reduction treatment can be an excellent alternative. Our first-class medical spa in Markham, Ontario is ready to welcome you for a FREE PERSONALIZED FAT REDUCTION CONSULTATION to show you the benefits that of fat reduction treatments with Venus Bliss™.

Venus Bliss™ with Venus Williams

Tennis legend, entrepreneur, fashion icon, and women’s rights advocate, Venus Williams has taken on the role as our Venus Bliss™ global brand ambassador. She is not only a force on the court, but also a beauty lover who enjoys trying new things. Venus shares her experience with Venus Bliss™ treatments and how it has given her the confidence to look and feel her best. 


How Venus Bliss™ Works

Fat dissolving treatments with Venus Bliss™ are powered by diode laser technology within the laser lipolysis machine.

Using up to four applicators that are applied on the abdomen and/or flanks, energy penetrates deep below the skin’s surface where the fat is heated and broken down. The Bliss device also offers complementary skin tightening and cellulite reduction treatments that use a proprietary combination of energies to boost collagen and elastin fibers—essential components for strengthening the connective tissue that keeps lax skin and cellulite at bay. The results are GUARANTEED!

Venus Bliss™ Before & After

Venus Bliss™ can be your answer to a slimmer, fitter version of yourself. To learn more about this treatment and schedule a free personalized consultation, please contact our medical spa today. 


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