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1 Session (45min.)


Select booster from:

skinmark solution - exclusive combination of x-dna, darutoside, organic silicon and chlorella vulgaris for treament of stretch marks and scar repair


photoaging solution - exclusive combination of hyaluronic acid, idebenone, taurine and vitamin c with a redensifying, moisturizingm photoprotective and antioxidant effect


depigmentation solution - exclusive combination of tranexamic acid, vitamin c, N-acetyl glucosamine and idebenone with depigmenting, lightening and antioxidant effect


mesotox solution - exclusive combination of the latest generation of peptides that enhance your skin care routine by reducing and preventing wrinkles of skin expression - great for BOTOX CLIENTS

Medical Needling

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  • Non-invasive facelift assists in stimulating the release of growth factors which results in the synthesis of healthy collagen and elastin, leaving your skin looking younger, firmer and healthier.

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